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I'm Tory Plan B

Shadow cabinet minister = Cannabis - who's tried it? Me!

(From Private Eye, November 2000)


I bad cow; need men.
Odd new ambience.
Bend, die, mean cow.
Ended a nice womb.
Decide. Ban me now!
I dance, need womb.
And we come in bed.
Acid been down me...
And I'd become new...
We dance; I'm on bed.
I been mad cow.


Mankind's hero draws
Smokers had drawn in
Draw in smoker's hand
Kind hero, warm sands
In smokers' hard dawn
Kind man hears words
Kind man shares word
And random whiskers
Mankind hears words
Mankind shares word
Woman dreads shrink
Hears man's kind word
And shares mind-work
Or had warm kindness
Smoker's inward hand.
Shared woman's drink
Kind hero damns wars.
Has worn kind dreams.


Courtesy of David Henniker

I'm not unerring. I'm daft, second-rate.
Unrestricted moron in daft enigma.
Render ignorant communities daft.
Damn, I'm feared, not trusting or nice.
I'm not against confident murderer...

Introducing daft, tiresome manner.
Confirm: Deranged mutant in Tories.
Dafter. Uninteresting. Moronic. Mad.
Imagine confident torturers... Damn!
And isn't torture-enigma confirmed?

Err, I'm a daft uninteresting condom.
I'm fiercest redundant giant moron.
Grim content-free dinosaur, damn it.
Undemanding termite-fornicators.
Ignorant, deaf, dinner-time scrotum.
Stone-faced tart, mid-morning urine.
Monster denied mounting aircraft.

Daft renting, insecure room, damn it!
Darn it! I'm trusting a moron defence...
I'm ensnared. Daft torture incoming...
I'm angriest man, confined, tortured.


Courtesy of David Henniker

I'm a lechery nob.
Chlorine maybe.
On reach - blimey!
My heroin cable.
Nicely oh Amber.
Main lecher boy.
In holy embrace.
Him cleaner boy.
Nice homely bar.
Boil arch-enemy!
I lecher boy, man.
Hey! I'm lone crab.
Lo! hereby manic...

Virginia Bottomley - I'm an evil Tory bigot

Inhibit Poor -- Prohibition
Few heed tree -- Free the weed
Grow, run, sad -- War on Drugs
Rural side -- Ruderalis
anti-canvas bias (or) siva can abstain -- Cannabis Sativa
a magi sojourn aid (or) I snag major audio -- Marijuana is good

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