Weeding Out A Real Debate

By Alun Buffry


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Source: The Big Issue, Scotland

Pub date: February 22-28, 2001

LTE: Weeding out a real debate

Author: Alun Buffry

Contact: edit.scot@bigissue.com



Parliament's rejection of the important parts of the Police Foundation's Independent Inquiry into Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 - "Drugs and The Law" (The Runciman report) comes as no surprise to supporters of the legalisation of cannabis.

Tony Blair's Government have already dismissed the House of Lords Report, the suggestions from the BMA and have refused to hold a Royal commission on the grounds that they would not listen if it called for a change in the law. This echoes the refusal to heed the previous Royal Commission, The Wootton Report of the late Sixties.

In fact, every major empirical study into the use of cannabis and its effects has been ignored by successive UK governments for the last 30 years. That is because if they accepted the recommendations of even one of them, they would have to change the law.

The adamant support for a policy of prohibition that has not only failed but created a social disaster cannot be without motive, yet clearly that motive is not connected with any harm cannabis may or may not do.

One should hardly put either safe or dangerous commodities with such commercial appeal into the hands of criminals, and one can hardly justify punishing someone for their own use of a plant.

So what are the real reasons behind this prohibition?

I would happily debate the issue with Jack Straw, Keith Hellawell or anyone else - in public and on TV. I imagine that will also be rejected.

Alun Buffry

Prospective Legalise Cannabis Alliance Candidate for Norwich South