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Last updated June 2012


In 1991, Alun Buffry was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Import and Conspiracy to Supply Cannabis and was given two concurrent ten-year prison sentences.

It was in Norwich prison whilst on remand in 1991 that Alun Buffry was approached by Jack Girling during a prison visit, and invited to help him and others form the Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association (CLCIA).

In 1992, whilst on bail, the CLCIA was formed but it would not be until after Alun Buffry was released on parole in 1995, having served four-and-a-half years, that he started to dedicate himself to the cause of legalising the possession, cultivation and trade of cannabis in the UK.

In the General Election of 1997, Howard Marks contested four seats on the single issue of cannabis.

In 1999, the campaign registered as a political party in the UK under the name Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA).

The LCA fought in over 80 elections including Parliamentary, local council and county councils, did numerous talks and interviews, gave oral evidence to the Home Affairs Committee and the Basque Government in Spain, debated at The Oxford Union and at universities, attended marches and rallies protests and picnics and produced the first and only Party Political Broadcast by a cannabis party, shown on TV in Wales in 2005.

This is Alun Buffry's no-holds-barred story, from his prospective, detailing his own activities and those of others, over the period 1991 to 2011.

It includes published letters and news stories, reports of events, conferences, the debate at the Oxford Union and the publication to become know as “The Challenge” and even includes a few poems and tales.

·         FROM DOT TO CLEOPATRA by Alun Buffry

Published by Frontier Publishing. ISBN 1 872914 09 8 on June 16th 1997
232 pages, 186 x 123 mm

Send £6-95 Pounds Sterling

plus postage (UKP 1; Europe UKP 2; Elsewhere UKP 3) to

Frontier Publishing, Windetts, Kirstead, Norfolk, NR15 1EG, UK.

An easy to read, fascinating and complete history of Ancient Egypt from the year dot to the death of Cleopatra, with some startling challenges to classical concepts of human history, presented in a concise and-easy-to handle format, written for both the lay reader and the serious student of Egyptology.

·         DAMAGE AND HUMANITY IN CUSTODY by Alun Buffry and William D. Hutchinson

A previously unpublished essay which won 3rd prize in the Prison Reform Trust Essay Competition in 1995. The work is unique as it is based upon a questionnaire run by inmates on inmates, comparing the "Meaning of the Prison Experience" in different regimes. All the inmates were serving sentences of 10 years or over and had been in the prison system for at least 3 years, including maximum security prisons. The report reveals the outstanding success of the experimental regime at Blantyre House in Kent (UK), introduced by the then Governor Mr. Jim Semple. You are welcome to save or print any part of this report.