Source: [UK] Braintree and Witham Times

Pub Date: Thursday, 2 October 2003

Pub LTE: Councils unable to understand issues

Author: Alun Buffry


Web site:

Ref: Call For Debate on Council Drug Policy




IT comes as no surprise that Braintree Council has refused a debate on the legalisation of cannabis and associated issues as requested by Don Barnard and backed by Councillor James Abbott (Times September 18).


Most councils, I feel would do the same. This is because they do not know the issues involved and are unable to argue in favour of continuing prohibition.


They prefer to pass the buck to Westminster.


But I was interested to read the comments of Graham Butland, executive councillor for health and community, who said: 'There are already forums where the issues could be raised and the council is only expected to debate issues where it can help."


Where are these forums? We don't seem able to find them!


Alun Buffry

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