Campaigner Takes Cannabis Fight to Home Secretary


Source: Braintree and Witham Times [UK]

Pub Date: Thursday 15 January 2004

Subj: Campaigner Takes Cannabis Fight to Home Secretary






A CAMPAIGNER for the legalisation of cannabis is taking his fight to the Home Secretary.


Don Barnard, campaigner for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance in Braintree,  has helped produce a document which challenges the Government over its drug policy.


And he is hoping the document, which has also been produced in Braille format, will be presented to Home secretary David Blunkett


The campaigner has contacted Braintree MP Alan Hurst with the document.


Although Mr Hurst says he does not support the campaign to legalise cannabis, he has written to the Home Secretary to try and arrange a meeting so he can receive the document.


The document is called Challenging the Criminal Justice System, and is jointly written by Mr Barnard and Alun Buffry. In it the Legalise Cannabis Alliance calls for a public debate about the drug with consultation between cannabis users as well as doctors, social workers and professional drug workers.  The Alliance wants the drug to be legalised and for places to be set up where the drug use is permitted.


Mr Barnard said:" We are concerned that David Blunkett has not been given all the facts about cannabis.


"Hopefully we can  have a real debate, because I feel at the moment they government is just paying lip service to the issue without talking to the people who really know about the subject."

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