Published Letter: Cannabis issue deserves debate


Source: [UK] Braintree and Witham Times

Pub LTE: Cannabis issue deserves debate

Pub Date: Thursday, 23 October 2003

Author: Don Barnard


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I do not wish to turn Times Post into an agony column. But. Mr Buckland's rationale (Times Post.October 9) for not committing council resources to the cannabis debate: - "taking up the cause of a small pressure group" - requires a response.


Resorting to derogatory remarks was not the best way to responded to a serious request for council forums, where local people can air their views on cannabis.


Surely, council policy (statutory duty) is to consult with local people and their representatives on issues affecting their quality of life?


The Legalise Cannabis Alliance believes councillors, council employees, parents, council tenants, the general public,  employers, school children, teachers and those engaged in enforcement of legislation such as club owners need to be given guidance to clarify the "legal implications" and the "full ramifications" of government proposed cannabis strategy.


What we want is council to take the lead and hold open public meetings on how  government proposed cannabis strategy impacts on  fundamental aspects of  private lives. The LCA does not want you promote our cause, Mr Buckland - We want council and/or it's partners to clarify and justify your policy/strategy in public.


Don Barnard

Aetheric Rd


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