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"We the undersigned support
The Challenge"

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Name: Anthony McGarvey (Ballina )
Job: Lone Wolf career gorilla grower for Med's+.

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Name: Hawk0 Indigo Fion (Crediton)

Name: Richard A. Kudra (1010)
Job: Budfathers Cannabis Trichome Therapies

Name: Jeff Goins (Crawfordsville)
Job: Mo/co united for cannabis legalization& INORML

Name: Philip Bevington (Camborne)
Job: Private

Name: Philip Bevington (Camborne)
Job: Private

Name: Emir Ters (Ellesmere Port)

Name: Paul Matthews (Horley)

Name: Tony McGarvey (Galway)
Job: Worldwide Medical Cannabis Growers.

Name: Craig Pusey (Oakley)

Name: Philip Walsh (London)
Job: Growers of Conviction Cannabis Seeds

Name: Ali Taylor

Name: Lee Hayden (West Wickham )
Job: Voter

Name: Emma O'Neill (Widnes)

Name: Jennifer Meade (Rothesay)

Name: Shea synott (Gold coast )

Name: Paul-gerard Quinn (Belfast)
Job: County Antrim Cannabis social club

Name: tony harrison (Hastings)

Name: Mark Seymour (Bath )

Name: Sylvia Batho (Rutland Stamford)

Name: Richard Cooper (London)

Name: Lee O'doherty-bushnell (Eastleigh)
Job: We the undersigned

Name: chris philpott (Orpington)

Name: Zak Johnson (Newcastle)

Name: Stanley Taylor (Llanelli)

Name: ross draper (Ilkeston)

Name: Guy Coxall (Devon)
Job: Seed our Future

Name: Carrie Jones (York)

Name: Kevin Dinneen (Ilkeston)
Job: leafie


Name: Neville Martin (Alderney,)

Name: Lewis Payne (Devon )
Job: Freedom

Name: James Smith (Manchester )
Job: Rochdale council

Name: Phil Monk (Swindon )
Job: WTU

Name: HELEN Cuthbertson (Norwich)
Job: None

Name: Kate Rushforth (Eye)

Name: Deb Brown (Dundee )

Name: Lezley Gibson (Cumbria)

Name: Jackie Downes (Norwich)

Name: Lesley Keir (Edinburgh )

Name: Chris deignan (WORCESTER)
Job: pcb radio

Name: Kieran Coombzy (Leeds)
Job: Anarchism

Name: james finch (CHELMSFORD)

Name: Mo Clark (Lymington)
Job: Hampshire Cannabis Community

Name: Marcus Beeching (Newromney )

Name: Christopher Hobday (Peacehaven)
Job: Patients First UK