CANNABIS, MARIJUANA AND HEMP ARE THE SAME PLANT. Constant bombardment with indoctrination and prohibitionist lies or sponsored lies have caused us to consider cannabis as a drug and hemp as a natural resource, this being used by huge companies in the USA in the 1920's to prohibit hemp and hence create a market for synthetics - they took the effects of cannabis when smoked and translated it through emotive terms to frighten the population of the USA. These lies won huge public support. It was only seen as possible to ban marijuana by banning cannabis hemp entirely. Previous to this cannabis had been an essential commodity during time of both war and peace, it had been a crime for large farmers not to grow cannabis.


The most common method of consumption is smoking or inhaling. Herbal or leafy cannabis (marijuana) is often rolled into joints, with or without tobacco. Resin is usually added to tobacco and smoked in joints or chillums. Neat cannabis and resin is smoked in a variety of pipes and water pipes. The general idea is to inhale deeply for maximum effect.

Many people prefer to eat cannabis, either directly or cooked into cakes or other foods.

When eaten the effects can be delayed for up to an hour and come on very strongly. The effects of smoking are usually felt more quickly.

In India a drink called Bhang is prepared from leaves and stems.

THC has been prepared in gelatin capsules .


A typical joint contains between 1/2 gram and 1 gram of plant material. The amount of THC in this varies from nothing to about 150 mg. Not all the THC is ingested; typically 30% to 70% is lost in smoke and ash. In neat grass joints and pipes between 5% and 25% of the THC reaches the bloodstream.

For these reasons the actual dosage is not easily determined.

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