Source: Essex Evening Gazette [UK]

Pub LTE: Time for drug rethink

Pub Date: Wednesday 5 November 2003

Author: Don Barnard





WITHOUT knowing all the facts it is difficult to comment on court reports published in the media. Take for example; "Cannabis: man fined" (Gazette October 31).


The reported said the defendant pleaded guilty to "possession" of 135mgs of cannabis with an alleged 5 street value. (Five pounds for 135mg? That makes it 37/gram, 1000/oz - unlikely! It's worth more like 0.69, giving 5/gram.)


Notwithstanding that, let me say up front, I do not condone this crime. The defendant is clearly a danger to society. And, his antisocial behaviour will most certainly had an derogatory effect on his neighbours quality of life!


So, in principle, I support the police for arresting him and referring the offence to the Criminal Prosecution Service [CPS]. Why? Because possession of cannabis is a crime and it's the policeman's job, to detect crime and bring the criminal to justice.


My gripe is with the CPS: What overriding factor[s] prompted them to bringing this case forward? What useful purpose did it serve? Who did it benefit?


One final point - does anyone know how will the police deal with cases like this after reclassification on January?


Time for justification!


Don Barnard


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