Published Letter: Laws are senseless

Source: Evening News, Norwich, UK

Pub Date: Thursday 1 July 2004

Author: Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance







The report "Man grew drug to ease pain" (Evening News, 25 June) would be almost laughable, but for the implications for the poor victim of a senseless law.


It seems strange that one can "grow" a drug, as normally it's plants or animals that are grown, not pills and potions.


Mr Bower, who grew just a few plants at his home so that he could ease his back pain, has been ordered to pay a 100 fine and lost his pain-relief in the process.


Meanwhile, the article mentions that two men who had attacked Mr Bower with knives and tortured him at knifepoint for three hours, had never been caught.


Maybe this is an example of how police resources that should be used to trace and capture violent and dangerous criminals are still being used chasing cannabis users.


The future: Mr Bower will have to choose to either continue to grow and / or use cannabis, or suffer.


The police, unable to determine which course of action Mr Bower takes, may have to stop chasing real crooks and visit him again.


Do any readers see any more sense in this than I?


Alun Buffry

Legalise Cannabis Alliance

PO Box 198

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