Drugs laws have just gone potty: published letter


Source: Evening News, Norwich, UK

Pub Date: Wednesday July 7 2004

Pub LTE: Drugs laws have just gone potty

Author: Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance, http://www.lca-uk.org

Web: http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/

Contact: EveningNewsLetters@archant.co.uk

Ref: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v04/n954/a05.html


I wholeheartedly agree with Karl Minns' column "Drug laws are a joke but police don't help" (Evening News, 2 July) and must congratulate him for his bravery in saying what many of us see as obvious: the laws banning cannabis yet taxing the supply of alcohol is ridiculously hypocritical in this day and age.


Over the last few weeks, I have read reports of a licensee in Great Yarmouth losing his liquor license because he allowed cannabis to be used in his Gallery Bar, a man fined 100 for growing cannabis to ease his pain and suffering and another jailed for nine months for growing it and sharing it with some sort of cannabis church members. All now have criminal records, but where are their victims? As Karl Minns said "no victim, no crime." The implications of a

criminal record means that they are barred from entering certain professions or entering certain countries like the US (not that they'd be advised to go there).


Meanwhile, as was pointed out, many of us are too frightened of drunken yobs attacking us to venture into our "fine" city in the evenings at the weekend, some too frightened to go out at all.


The cost of our police force is increasing annually: major political parties call for more police, more sniffer dogs, more police weapons - to do what?


Certainly it appears that it is more about controlling people's personal and private choices than keeping our streets safe.


What would readers prefer: a city full of out-of-control drunks or quiet houses or even private bars full of peaceful stoners?


How would you like to see police resources used - preventing violence on the streets or capturing cannabis plants?


Alun Buffry

Legalise Cannabis Alliance

PO Box 198


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