Published Letter: Cannabis is not a hard drug and does not kill


Source: Evening News, Norwich
Date: May 10 2007
Author: Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance

Norwich police are congratulating themselves for "seven successful raids in Norwich alone over the past fortnight resulted in 11 arrests and the seizure of about 2,000 cannabis plants": ("Police pledge to end drugs misery", Evening News, 7 May)

The drugs misery referred to appears to be "the latest Government figures show that during 2005, 60 people in the county suffered drug-related deaths - a rise from just 34 in 2003.", mentioned in the same article.

I fail to understand what drug-related deaths have to do with cannabis  plants?  Not one single person In Norfolk or anywhere else has died due  to a cannabis plant!

What will these raids achieve?  The police hope it will disrupt the supply, yet that has never happened in the past.  What it is doing, if  anything, is increase potential profits for importers of possibly  contaminated cannabis like the "grit-weed", covered with ground glass of all things, that has cropped up across Britain since the police started targetting cannabis growers - a massive threat to health.

And where and when supplies are disrupted, many may turn to drink and / or hard drugs that DO KILL.

All that at massive cost to the public.  Just think!  If cannabis was legalised, it would separate the supply from hard drugs, enable consumer protection and quality control, as well as accurate, credible advice for users.

AND, not only would it save the taxpayer millions, it would also raise revenue through taxation on profits.  Everyone will win.

Alun Buffry
Legalise Cannabis Alliance


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