Source: Evening news, Norwich, UK

Pub Date: Tuesday, 15 April 2003

Author: Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance



Note: Newshawk's headline


The war on cannabis has gone on for over 70 years and will doubtless continue for a while yet.

It is an important issue that ought not be put too far aside, despite the seriousness of current affairs such as the Iraq War and terrorism.

Most people who have tried cannabis will tell you they enjoyed it and were not harmed, a few will say that it led into hard drug addiction, crime and misery.

Others, many of whom suffer from dreadful ailments, describe it as life-saving. To some it is a holy sacrament in their religion.

The law treats all those users the same - criminalising and punishing them even though they have not hurt anyone.

The law allows for places where people can socialise while consuming alcohol, despite all the trouble that causes while cannabis users have nowhere to legally go despite the evidence from Dutch cannabis "coffee shops" that they cause no problems.

Would you like to see a legal cannabis cafe for adults in town?

Alun Buffry

Legalise Cannabis Alliance

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