Source: Evening News, Norwich, UK

Pub Date: Friday, January 28, 2005


Cited: Legalise Cannabis Alliance




Home Secretary Charles Clarke came under fire today after saying he has no respect for the pro-cannabis political party.


As reported in the Evening News, the Norwich South MP said he would not attend a national conference held by the Norwich-based Legalise Cannabis Alliance.


He said he had no respect for the party, but Don Barnard, press officer for the organisation, said he was furious with the Labour MP.  He said: "I am so angry with his response.  We are saying "listen to what we have to say".  He can't continue making decisions behind closed doors without addressing the situation.  There are a series of questions we would like to see him answer.  Charles Clarke is prepared to talk about hunting, abortion and immigration but what he is not prepared to talk about is his policies on drugs.

"There is no justification for punishing people who use cannabis."


The conference will take place at the Elizabeth Fry Buildings at the University of East Anglia on February 19.


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