Source: Essex Enquirer

Pub Date: Thursday, 3 July 2003

Pub LTE: Shame on Bob Russell MP

Author: Alun Buffry


Comment: Newhawk's headline




I was amazed to read the response from Bob Russell, MP for Colchester, to Don Barnard's appeal for Essex MP's to voice their feeling about the case against that poor crippled MS lady, Biz Ivol, in the Orkneys. ("Campaigner Urges Essex MP's Support For Cannabis", June 26)

Russell said "he would not start "Importing constituents however worthy cause".

Well, not being one of his constituents myself, I doubt whether Mr Russell will be interested in my views, but isn't that remarkably closed-minded of someone elected to run the country, which involves people far away from his cosy corner?

Does that mean he has no concern over what was and is happening in Iraq?

No concern for Thired World countries and the starving millions

No concern over anyone who could not possibly be persuaded to vote for him?

No wonder the country is in such a mess! Shame on you Mr Russell.

Yours sincerely

Alun Buffry

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