Published Letter: MP Eric Pickles has no compassion


Source: Essex Enquirer

Pub Date: Thursday, 10 July 2003

Pub LTE: MP Eric Pickles has no compassion

Author: Don Barnard


Comment: Newhawk's headline


Comment; Newshawks heading


ERIC PICKLES, MP for Brentwood and Ongar, said that reclassification of cannabis is not a positive move (Enq 26 June). I agree. What is needed is a law that is fair, just and workable, and reclassification fails on all counts.

If cannabis is easily available under the present system of prohibition, the answer, surely, is to introduce a legal regulated controlled supply and remove criminal sanctions against those who use it for recreational and/or medical reasons.

I concede that Mr Pickles didn't know all the facts at the time. However, I suggest it would have been appropriate to make himself aware, instead of making personal attack.

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance is a registered UK political party. Visit .

Incidentally, I note that Mr Pickles never signed the hunting Bill either. Clearly he has no compassion for animals or humans.

If any readers or Mr Pickles is interested in finding out about a brave woman's fight for justice visit .

Kind regards

Don Barnard

LCA Press Officer.



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