Legalise Cannabis website 'blocked' by county council


Source: Essex Enquirer [UK]

Pub Date: Thursday 20 November 2003

Subj: Legalise Cannabis website 'blocked' by county council




Legalise Cannabis website 'blocked' by county council


ESSEX COUNTY Council has come under fire for blocking access to a pro-cannabis website from its libraries.


The Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) is furious the site is barred from computers because it allegedly advocates drug taking.


They believed access was particularly important with the debate over cannabis reclassification still unresolved.


Don Barnard, Chelmsford spokesperson for the LCA, accused the council of political censorship¶ He said: We don't advocate the use of drugs in any shape or form. We are a registered political party that advises a change in the law.


How can we debate matters relating to cannabis reclassification when only one side is allowed to put its case?


"It's the thin end of the wedge, if they continue to do this there will be no opposition."


But the county council said they subscribe to a service that filters websites on their behalf.


They stressed it was not blocked for political reasons but because it falls under the category of drugs.


lt's at the commercial service's discretion," a spokesperson said.


We keep categories under review and this site may be something we reconsider."


After a dressing down from the LCA, Secure Computing, the company which filters Essex County libraries' web pages, has now lifted their ban on the site.

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