Source; Essex Gazette
Date:  February 12 2007


A campaigner for the legalisation of cannabis has said he does not believe trials of the drug for medical use are worth it.

Don Barnard, of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, said the Government does not seem to understand naturally-grown cannabis is better than the laboratory-grown version.

As previously reported, a trial looking at the effects of cannabis on the symptoms of multiple sclerosis is ongoing at Colchester General Hospital.

Mr Barnard said: "The bottom line for us is we cannot understand why there is such an effort to use laboratory cultivated cannabis rather than the natural plant.
"If we look at the pills they use in these trials, they are more harmful than the alleged harms of the cannabis.

"Until such a time as the Government allows research into using natural plants as opposed to synthetics, we're not going to get anywhere."


Cited: Don Barnard, Legalise Cannabis Alliance


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