Deregulating cannabis is not giving up on law and order

published letter written by Don Barnard


Source: Evening Telegraph, Peterborough, UK

Pub Date: March 31, 2000

Author: Don Barnard

According to your Wednesday, March 29 article "Cannabis User Up For Election", Cllr John Holdich, chairman of Peterborough's City Council's social services committee, said: "My personal view is that if you do deregulate cannabis or other drugs, you might as well give up on law and order."

Cllr Holdich also accused the candidate, Marcus Davies, of a publicity stunt which degrades local government.

Is telling the truth a publicity stunt? Is it degrading?

Furthermore. Cllr Cathy Weaver's comment: "I'm sure the police would be interested in this individual shows complete lack of compassion and understanding agree that, on a strict interpretation of the law, Mr Davies' actions are illegal - but where is the moral justice in punishing someone for easing the pain of illness? I am sure the police have (or should have) better things to spend our money on. There must be bigger criminals who are more harmful to society.

Clearly the cannabis issue has become a local election issue. After all, many people in the area certainly se cannabis. Surely they have as much right to have a candidate representing them as anyone.

Cllr Holdich is correct in saying we should not give up on law. But to question the effectiveness of the law as applied to cannabis is not surrendering - true surrender is a refusal to debate the cannabis issue.

Mr Davies may not get elected, but I am sure he will educate the eventual winners. Go for it Marcus, you have the truth and the facts on your side.

Don Barnard