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What the UK Home Office says about The Report of the FCDA Europe


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The Report

The Report of the FCDA, Europe.

Cannabis: The Facts, Human Rights And The Law;

K.E.A. d' Oudney, ALAM(hons) Dip GSA & J.R. d'Oudney

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For example, see in The Report: * Economics:
The Cannabis Biomass Energy Equation (CBEE), given practical application in the Cannabis Biomass Resource and Pyrolysis Functions (CBRPF), explains and establishes, for the first time on record, how Cannabis, uniquely among plant species, produces fuel-energy cheaper per BTU than fossil fuels and uranium, and is capable of their economic replacement. Profound amelioration is made available to the world and its peoples from these facts, which are expounded in-depth. Chemistry: shows Cannabis-Methanol fuel-energy pollution-free, which will have stabilising result on Global Warming.

On Health / Medicine:The state-funded Empirical Studies completely vindicate cannabis. Official Findings of Fact: 1.) exonerate cannabis from all allegations of 'harm'; 2.) conclude from replicable, mental/physical co-ordination, memory and ability skill-tests that use of cannabis herb produces categorically no 'impairments', and 3.) confirm cannabis is profoundly benign to human Health. The Exonerative Studies are not promulgated by DEA, Home Office, CPS and others: perjury is thereby committed.

On Law: The Report exposes the fraudulent basis to the legislation; Lawyer's Guide: The Evidence which shows specific infractions of Common, Substantive and International Laws by this Prohibition, demonstrating the 'Act' as abrogate and its enforcement as constituting Crime per se. Evinces current ex parte tampering of the Trial by Jury (system) by State/judges producing foregone guilty 'verdicts'. Gives cogent references.

On Criminology: 1.) The Report reveals the utmost corrupt financial motivation from which spurious 'legislation' is contrived. The Report shows how mass false indoctrination of 'harm' is fabricated and Cannabis Prohibition comprises the greatest fraud of all time. 2.) Evidence presented shows that Prohibition per se engenders most of all peacetime Crime, both small-scale and Organised. Examines the complex of relationships between Prohibition, its enforcement and the Economics of the Black Market.
Much more information. Helpful Bibliography.

Presents case histories of patients' supervised uses: Statistics: superior efficacy in numerous treatments and conditions: Recommendations of US Judicial Review of modern medical applications.

"......a splendid job of producing a comprehensive summary of the evidence documenting that the current prohibition of the production, sale and use of cannabis is utterly unjustified and produces many harmful effects." Excerpt from Foreword by: Economics' Nobel Laureate Prof. Milton Friedman, Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Inst. on War, Revolution and Peace; Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago.

"a fine document", U.S. Judge's letter to Authors.

"The Report's thesis is sound." U.K. Judge's letter to Authors.

"Eloquent, I welcome the addition of this Report to the world's store of important writings", Don Doig, BS, US National Coordinator, Fully Informed Jury Association.

"I did enjoy reading it. The Report should contribute much", Ecologist and t.v.. broadcaster, the Hon. Jonathon Porritt, Bt.

"I am totally amazed at The Report's quality and overall goodness." Dr. Anne Biezanek, ChB, BSc, MB, MFHom.

The Report is being ordered by academics and public libraries worldwide and has recently been purchased by the House of Lords and the Library of Congress.


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