Published Letter: Was It Right To Charge Cannabis Campaigner?


Source: Hull Daily Mail, UK

Pub Date: Friday, 10 January 2004

Pub LTE: Was It Right To Charge Cannabis Campaigner?

Author: Don Barnard






The chilling and scary accounts in the Mail about Legalise Cannabis Alliance campaigner Carl Wagner, who was raided by police in riot gear as a result of an "anonymous" phone call (Mail, December 17) sent shivers up my spine.


Did it not occur to the police to use its intelligence department to verify the allegations before its over-the-top raid, which came away with an embarrassing result?


By offering Mr Wagner a caution (Pro-cannabis campaigner fights charge, Mail, December 30) one has to wonder whether the police harbour misgivings for holding Mr Wager in custody for 11 hours, submitting his wife to an embarrassing body search, not to mention traumatising a three-year-old child.


More daunting, however, is the realisation that by charging Mr Wagner, they believe what they did was justified.


I would be interested what the people of Hull and their elected representatives (MPs, councillors, etc) think. Was it best practice? Was it value for money? What useful purpose has it served?


Don Barnard,


Press officer,







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