Drugs and Drink ... Top of Hit List

Norwich Advertiser August 8th 1997.
Drugs and Drink ... Top of Hit List
Drugs, drink and violence are the three main areas of public concern according to a survey carried out by the Norfolk Police during this year's Royal Norfolk Show.
The Show provided the Police with an excellent opportunity to extend the on-going process of public consultation.
Members of the Constabulary attended the Show, on both days, to complete interviews and questionnaires designed to seek views about local policing issues and the standards of service provided by the Police.
Younger people (35 years and under) were specifically targeted, which, in previous consultation exercises had been under-represented.
The six main areas of concern, in order of importance, which people felt the Police should target were: 1. Drug dealers. 2. Drink driving. 3. Violence. 4. Burglary. 5. Robbery / muggings. 6. Racial attacks / abuse. The tope four activities, in order of importance, which felt would be most effective in reducing crime were: 1. Increased car patrol. 2. Increased foot patrol. 3. Work with schools and young people. 4. Increasing use of CCTV.
Acting Inspector Bernadette Cartwright of Norfolk Police said "The views of the local community are an important influence on policing in Norfolk. I would like to thank all those who took part in the exercise and look forward to seeing results of future consultations."

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