Source: The Journal

Pub date: Friday, June 03, 2005

Pub LTE: Medicinal cannabis

Author: Lezley Gibson




At last some reasoned reporting on the miracle drug "cannabis" Guy Basnetts article "cannabis hope for mental illness" was very refreshing, factual and unbiased .


I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and have know for some time about the massive benefits of cannabis and have always been outraged by the biased reporting on the subject.


Your "comment" article however was again mostly ill-informed.


Without cannabis I would be incontinent and wheelchair bound and I know many more sufferers who's quality of life would be zilch without cannabis, none of us are mental or "druggies".


I have had to get my medicine off a "back street dealer" and thousands of other ill and terminal people do too thanks to our government depriving us of essential medicines, 


If we keep quiet about the benefits of cannabis then ill people will still be trawling back streets and other shady places in their quest for medicine.


Cannabis has no lethal deadly dose, sugar, coffee, water, alcohol and most other substances do !


Cannabis derived medicines that have been researched and developed in the UK are not available here but are in Canada !


I agree that it is very important that the government immediately clear up all this confusion but I also feel that they are more confused than we are, a start would be an immediate amnesty on medicinal cannabis use and maybe talk to the people who are actually having to live with these confusing laws.


Yours sincerely


Lezley Gibson

Harvest Home

Front Street



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