Talk about a ridiculous answer to the drugs problem

By Alun Buffry

Evening News, Norwich, Tuesday July 2, 1996

IN HIS letter in the Evening News (June 22) Mr Alan Lockwood suggests that we give drug dealers a lethal injection and put addicts into "secure treatment locations."

I wonder if Mr Lockwood includes cannabis dealers in this?

Is Mr Lockwood suggesting that drug dealers are injected with the drug they were selling?

If so, his idea may develop problems when it comes to cannabis dealers.

The lethal dose of cannabis is said to be about two pounds, and has to be dropped on the head from a great height!

Cannabis is, in fact, a natural medicine as Mr Girling pointed out in his letter of the same day.

It is appalling that the MS sufferer mentioned in Mr Pryce's letter (also the same day) is prohibited from a natural medicine which she could grow herself.

Mr Lockwood's answer to the drug problem is ridiculous and sounds a dreadfully familiar sort of argument.

Eradicating those who choose different lifestyles is not the answer.

Helping drug users, giving them somewhere to go, ensuring that if people must take drugs then the drugs are clean and outlets controlled, is far more in keeping with a Christian of Humanistic attitude.

Alun Buffry

Helena Road