Seizures of drugs in England and Wales, 2010/11 UK Home Office 2011
The Challenge Don Barnard & Alun Buffry 2004
Cannabis and The Jury Don Barnard 2006
Recreational or Medicinal? Alun Buffry 1999
Cannabis Prohibition Crime CCGUIDE 2004
Cannabis Psychosis CCGUIDE 2004
Cannabis and Human Rights CCGUIDE 2004
Cannabis Law and Drug Testing Don Barnard 2003
The Many Uses of Cannabis CCGUIDE 2003
Medicinal Uses of Cannabis CCGUIDE 2003
Industrial Uses of Cannabis CCGUIDE 2003
Hemp For Fuel CCGUIDE 2003
Cannabis Biomass Energy Equation FCDA Europe 2001
Prohibition Since 1912 CCGUIDE 2001
Is cannabis use a risk to health? CCGUIDE and others 2002
Cannabis and Driving CCGUIDE 2001
Cannabis and Cancer CCGUIDE 2001
For or Against Legalisation CCGUIDE 2004
International Cannabis Treaties CCGUIDE 2006
Chris Baldwin and the UK Cannabis Cafe Story Chris Baldwin 2005
Report of UK Drugs Policy UK Government Committee 2002
Police Foundation (Runciman) Report Police Foundation 1999
Cannabis Laws around the World CCGUIDE 2006
The Reefer Madness Collection Drug Library 2007
Drugs Policy in the Netherlands Dutch Government 1997
Project on Health Implications of Cannabis World Health Organisation 1997
Rulings of DEA Judge Young Judge Francis Young 1988
The Wootton Report UK Government Royal Commission 1968
LaGuardia Commission Report UKCIA 1944
Le Dain Commission Report UKCIA 1970
Panama Control Miltary Zone Report Scaffer Library of Drug Policy 1916-1929
Anslinger and the Hemp Conspiracy R. Givens 2002
Declaration on the Elimination of all Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief United Nations 1989
UN Declaration of Human Rights United Nations 1948
Speeches from the 2000 to 2009 LCA conferences Legalise Cannabis Alliance
UKCIA Reserach Library UKCIA  
Schaffer Drug Library DRUG LIBRARY  

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