Source: Evening News, Norwich, Uk

Pub Date: Fri 12 May 2000

Author: Alun Buffry

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Stop Insulting the voters

Recently Charles Clarke MP insulted the voters who supported Howard Marks as a Legalise Cannabis candidate in the last General Election by accusing him of trying to "disrupt the democratic process" (On the Record BBC 1, March 26).

Now he is accusing the Norwich Labour councillors of a "deathwish" for voting Barbara Simpson out.

When will Mr Clarke realise that the votes cast in a ballot reflect the feelings of those who vote, not the party's leaders?

It's no good moaning every time the voters show their discontent. If the local council leader or Labour candidates cannot gain enough support to win their seats, it must be seen as a sign of dissatisfaction.

If the present record of the Labour Council and the Labour Government continues, Mr Clarke may well have cause for unhappiness at the result of the next General Election.

Stop insulting the voters, listen to them and work FOR them, and seats may be retained.

The failure of the main political parties to apply that strategy on the issue of the legalisation of cannabis is the main cause for complaint from my party.

Alun Buffry