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Letter: Court ordeal over cannabis 'unjust'

Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance

East Anglian Daily Times

Friday 24 Mar 2000


Although pleased that MS sufferer Thomas Yates was found not guilty of
the 'crime' of growing and using cannabis to ease his symptoms (EADT,
March 18th) we are saddened that he was ever dragged before a jury in
the first place.

We were further saddened to read that another MS sufferer, Lesley
Gibson, is due to appear before another jury for her use of cannabis to
help her deal with the "awful afflictions" associated with the disease
(EADT March 20).

The whole concept of taking people before the courts for growing and
using a plant that clearly benefits them, is in itself enough to make
one ill with despair.

Recent evidence, from results of experimentation using cannabis to treat
mice injected with MS, does confirm the usefulness of the plant, but
what a shame that the Government prefers such experimentation in the
laboratory to listening to living, breathing and suffering members of
the human race.

It is surely about time that cannabis was legalised and utilised in its
many beneficial ways. Any talk of possible health risk from the use of
the plant should be kept amoungst the health service. Such such risks
should not be a matter of law, but for the doctors to decide. After
all, common and dangerous drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, that kill
many thousands each year, are not banned, so why should cannabis be
prohibited when it kills none.


Alun Buffry
Legalise Cannabis Alliance




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