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Letter: This Silly War on drugs

Alun Buffry

Evening Express, Aberdeen

Thursday 07 May 1998

SO the Government plan to 'educate' children about drugs from the age of

This must be one of the most nonsensical and topsy-turvy tactics so far
employed in their 'War on Drugs'. It seems the Government ought to
educate themselves about the reasons why young people take drugs and
about the failure of blanket prohibition policies to discourage them.

I wonder what sort of nonsense they are going to tell the children? Will
it be about Goldilocks trying Daddy and Mummy Bear's drugs but only
liking Baby Bear's soft drugs? Or maybe Jack (or his son William)
growing seeds which turned out to be cannabis?

Not so long ago drugs education was taken to eight and nine-year olds.
Now look at the virtual drugs epidemic among our teenagers. The type of
education given was tantamount to advertising, they even took ex-junkies
into schools to show that it is possible to overcome addiction.

Telling kids not to take drugs at five or six is like telling them not
to eat sweets. The result is that eventually the kids will want to

As for the claims that young children have access to £2 bags of heroin
in the playground, maybe someone ought to start supervising them as
happened in my schooldays; nobody could have got near us when we were small

Alun Buffry





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