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Letter: Reformists aware of the plight of addicts' families

Alun Buffry

Evening News, Norwich

Wednesday 29 Apr 1998

----THE letter "What about the addicts' families?" (Evening News, April
22) correctly states that addicts' families are victims of the drugs
problem along with those who suffer from theft, burglary, etc.

However, the writer seems to think that drug law reformists are either
ignorant or unconcerned about these problems.

In fact, most reformists know only too well the problems that so many
face due to illegal drug use and the associated crime, especially when
its one of one's own family.

That is why we want legalisation! The situation we are now in has arisen
under prohibition.

Prohibition means that the supply of drugs is in criminal hands.

That means dubious quality and uncertain strength and roof-high prices.

Poor quality can mean death. High prices mean high crime rates so that
addicts can get the money.

The profits go to the criminals and the rest of us have to pay!

Legalisation means a legitimate and controllable supply. The drugs can
be supplied at a fraction of the illegal market prices, quality can be

The result- less crime to get the money and fewer deaths from impurities.

Addicts would not need to create new addicts to pay for their own
habits. Users would be identifiable and offered help.

Less crime, less suffering, less misery for the families. Nobody wants
to see this heroin epidemic. As it is called, spread further. One thing
is sure - prohibition has failed to stop drugs problems.

The only alternative to an illegal supply is a legal one. The real
problem is making the politicians listen!

Alun Buffry





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