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Letter: MP's Public Admission On Cannabis Is Welcome

Alun Buffry

Evening News, Norwich

Saturday 21 Mar 1998

I would like to congratulate North Norfolk Conservative MP, David Prior,
for publicly admitting that he smoked cannabis in his youth.

This comes at a time when a poll of new MPs revealed that 20 per cent of
them have tried an illegal drug.

Yet so far the number that have announced it publicly can be counted on
one hand.

To the rest I say come out, have no fear of an adverse public reaction,
we are behind you and support honesty.

The truth is that almost every adult in the UK has either taken an
illegal drug or known someone who has and not reported them.

We're all guilty of that. And those who have not are usually busy
smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, probably with the occasional
Valium thrown in.

For a Government to ban a remarkably safe plant like cannabis, whilst
profitting from the trade in dangerous legal drugs like alcohol, is
hypocritical, to say the least.

To publicly support prohibition whilst concealing their own
'law-breaking' past, is downright dishonest.

So let's have some more of the spirit of honesty shown by David Prior.

Let's hear from our MPs - have you taken an illegal drug and do you
think that taking such substances should be punished.

It is punishment that is the real issue of the question: Should drugs be

Alun Buffry




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