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UK: Cannabis trial coming to an end

News and Star, Carlisle

Thursday 14 Dec 2006

A JURY today heard closing speeches from barristers in the crown court
trial of an Alston couple who are jointly accused with a Cambridgeshire
man of conspiring to supply cannabis.

Mark and Lezley Gibson, of Front Street, both 42, and Marcus Davies, 36,
have all pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The prosecution had earlier told the court that the couple ran a cottage
industry producing bars of chocolate laced with cannabis which they
supplied to people with multiple sclerosis.

Three MS sufferers who used the chocolate spoke of how they were asked
to provide a doctors' note confirming they had the condition, and of how
the chocolate had helped relieve symptoms.

Defence barrister Andrew Ford, for Lezley Gibson, urged the jury to do
the right thing, saying there was a marvelous opportunity to acquit his

"Ultimately, this case is about the tension between that law and what is
just," the told the jury.

Greg Hoare, for Mark Gibson, said it would be an infamous day in the
English criminal calendar when people were rendered liable to conviction
where they had neither moral blame nor criminal intent.

Mike Davis, for Marcus Davies, said his client helped the couple with a
clear intention not to break the law and because he desired to do good.

Judge John Phillips will sum up the case tomorrow (Friday) morning
before sending out the jury to consider their verdict.




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