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UK: Letter: Support for cannabis couple

M Firth, Kate Smith, Ingo Wagenknecht, Lee Elswood, Stan

News and Star, Carlisle

Tuesday 19 Dec 2006

REGARDING the Gibsons’ conviction for conspiring to supply cannabis
(News & Star, December 16): I don’t think they should have been
convicted for their actions.
They only wanted to help MS sufferers. I welcome the article you printed
from the MS charity and their comments.
The Gibsons should be commended for their work.
Mrs M Firth
I DON’T think the Gibsons should have been convicted of drug dealing
because they are innocent and to suffer pain is awful.
It is all right for people to talk but if they have never suffered from
severe pain they don’t know what it is like.
I think people should be able to take cannabis to relieve pain, and the
supply of it to genuine people should be legal.
Kate Smith
THERE are many people up and down the country who are concerned that
self medication will now become a criminal offence.
Mark and Lesley Gibson have helped many people in pain and discomfort by
sending out cannabis chocolate; it is a crime to drag them through the
courts and waste taxpayers’ money.
This is another indication that this Government and its courts are fully
prepared to go soft on class A drugs, but that they come down hard on
those who merely help themselves to alleviate pain, with no crime
committed at all.
The Royal Mail and police must have known and done nothing for a very
long time; what suddenly changed their minds, and who told them to
arrest and prosecute when the classification of cannabis has gone down
to C, not up?
Let these people go free and stop wasting money on politically motivated
show trials that prove nothing.
Ingo Wagenknecht
Rockland St Mary
PERSONAL beliefs aside, as a population we are now well informed of how
cannabis alleviates some of the crippling and painful conditions which
multiple sclerosis sufferers endure.
These are often followed by horrendous side effects that some prescribed
corporate drugs will bring the sufferer.
I do not, as many others, believe in a policy of cannabis for all, but
surely for those who will gain direct medical benefit from using this
natural plant, a more tolerant approach should be used when dealing with
medical cannabis users.
The three defendants have made no profit from the years of service and
support they have provided to the MS community and I personally believe
that convicting them is an injustice and insult to the MS sufferers who
have benefited from their help.
Corporate drugs are not helping many of these people and self-medication
using cannabis, if it shows a marked improvement in their health, should
be allowed under government licensing.
Lezley Gibson, her husband Mark and Marcus Davies have committed no
crime, yet under UK law they have risked their own freedom to supply a
medical service that many NHS listed doctors wish they could provide
Lee Elswood
IT is outrageous that these people were arrested and hauled before the
justice system for providing a very valuable service to many sick people.
The case should have been thrown out and the charges dropped immediately.




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