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Letter: Sad that ill must risk prison

Antony Stringfellow

Hunts Post

Wednesday 27 Dec 2006

The defendants maintain they have not personally benefited financially
from the proceeds and, as they are not being charged with this, I see
this comment as tantamount to slander. Marcus Davies maintains that
after going over the accounts recently he discovered that he had
actually been left out-of-pocket despite taking out small amounts to
cover his costs.

It should also be pointed out that full records were kept by THC4MS of
all transactions, deposits, withdrawals, purchases, as well as patients'
addresses and doctors' notes.

Also this operation was no secret, having been publicised in both the
local and national media, including TV and radio interviews. The local
police had also spoken to Mark on several occasions and Mark had told
them exactly what he was doing years before the raid.

Donations were requested but not always received. Bars of Canna-biz
chocolate were sent out to a number of sufferers who made no donation.
The only requirement was proof that the recipient had MS. Mark had tried
to open a bank account at Barclays for THC4MS but was refused due to the
nature of the organisation and so a personal account had to be used.

None of these points is in dispute.

It's a sad state of affairs when terminally ill people in pain have to
risk imprisonment and a criminal record just for seeking out the only
treatment that is effective for them.





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