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Letter: Sufferers will have to go to dealers (1)

Antony Stringfellow

News and Star, Carlisle, UK

Saturday 30 Dec 2006

IT does not surprise me in the least to learn that some sufferers of MS
are now suffering more as a result of the prosecution of the THC4MS three.

I suspect Lezley Gibson’s own health will not be helped by this
prosecution either.

Not because she has no access to cannabis (Lesley is one of the lucky
few MS patients to have been prescribed Sativex – a medicine containing
THC from cannabis plants) but owing to the stress this case has put her

Stress is one factor that can worsen an MS sufferer’s condition.

The health of Biz Ivol (now deceased), the old lady from the Orkneys who
used to make the chocolate before Mark and Lezley took over, suffered
greatly each time she was dragged through the courts. Very shameful in

Sativex is not licensed for use in the UK. MS patients can be licensed
individually but there’s a lot of red tape involved and only a few are
successful in obtaining it from their GP.

Regarding Mark’s lack of ‘qualifications’; he may not be medically
qualified but he is qualified and experienced in the field of food hygiene.

He is also very well read on the subject of the medicinal use of
cannabis and has (by invitation) given many lectures on this subject at
universities across the country.

Mark also knows perfectly well that cannabis has such a low toxicity
that no fatal dosage has ever been established by any medical body,
despite determined efforts by some, using animals as subjects.

How many over-the-counter medicines can you say that about? Or even
vitamins for that matter?

All THC4MS ever wanted to do was to provide MS sufferers with a means to
ease their symptoms until a viable alternative was available on the NHS.

A job which they did very well and one which took up a great deal of
their time and effort.

Now what are those 1,000-plus sufferers who used to receive this
cannabis chocolate to do? A few may be lucky enough to have a GP who
will apply for a licence for Sativex for them. Many will simply have to
cope with their symptoms deteriorating.

Then there are those who will buy their cannabis from street drug
dealers. This latter group will run a very high risk of being sold
contaminated cannabis (a near certainty in fact) and may also be
inadvertently funding organised crime and terrorism.

Can any reasonable person possibly convince themselves that this is right?

Mark, Lezley and Marcus, each deserve a medal for what they’ve done for
others. Not a criminal conviction!

A Stringfellow
Great Corby




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