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UK: No jail time for cannabis chocolate

Daily India

Saturday 27 Jan 2007

CARLISLE, England, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- Three British citizens linked to the
production of cannabis-laced chocolate for multiple sclerosis sufferers
have received suspended jail sentences.

Lezley and Mark Gibson, who supplied the unusual candy through Marion
Davies' Web site, were all given suspended sentences by Judge John
Phillips recently, The Times of London said.

The trio previously had been found guilty, but Phillips awarded them a
nine-month sentence, suspended for two years, after agreeing to the
defense's claim that there were mitigating circumstances.

The group had admitted to producing more than 36,000 bars of "Canna-Biz"
cannabis-laced chocolate bars to help alleviate pain for more than 1,800
victims of multiple sclerosis.

The trio had done little to mask their enterprise as well, offering
advertisements in both regional and national media, and remain adamant
they did nothing wrong, the newspaper said.

"I was devastated when we were found guilty and this decision has broken
me again. I still do not think I have done anything wrong," Lezley
Gibson said after the first court ruling. "How can it be wrong to try
and help ill people?"




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