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Stop Aping The US On Drugs Policy

Hugh Robertson

Letters, Braintree and Witham Times, Essex

Thursday 02 Nov 2000


ON OCTOBER 18, you reported 'Essex Police organise training to combat drug use in schools".

I find it incredible that the DARE scheme will be presented after it has been widely acknowledged as a costly failure in the US. (New York Times, 27 Sep, etc)

When will the authorities in this country realise that we are not Americans, we do not want to be treated as Americans, and we certainly do not want to import failed American policies on drugs or anything else?

Prohibition of alcohol in the USA failed and had to be withdrawn, and prohibition of other drugs both here and in the States has failed. What we need is a new approach! How about accepting that drugs, whether legal or illegal, can tempt a significant proportion of the population, as they have done throughout history?

We need to recognise that as a fact and look at the ever-increasing figures of drugs damage under a regime that leaves the supply in the hands of criminals.

We need to see a Government that acts more as a caring and protecting parent, not an authoritative and often hypocritical nanny.

Legalisation would ensure cleanliness, separate the supply of one substance from another, ena-ble the recognition and treatment of addicts, generate revenue, ease the burden on police and courts and, in short, wipe out most of the illegal market almost overnight.

As for cannabis -- well that should have never been made illegal in the first place. The concept of punishing a person for an act that bears no malice and harms nobody is simply atrocious. I urge everyone to reject this DARE!

Alun Buffry.
Legalise Cannabis Alliance,
P0 Box198,




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