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Letter: Thank You For Livening Up The Cannabis Debate

Alun Buffry

Evening News, Norwich

Saturday 28 Mar 1998

Thank you for livening up the cannabis debate. (IS IT TIME TO LEGALISE CANNABIS?: Evening News, March 18).

This very serious question deserves far more attention than most politicians seem to want to give it.

Whilst it was clear that not all 'legalise cannabis campaigners' want exactly the same changes in law, the prohibition arguments let their own side down badly.

All the harm allegations which Mr Paul Betts attributed to cannabis have been contradicted in the scientific reports.

Without going into detail now I can point to two publications which exonerate cannabis from the myths perpetuated by prohibitionists. These are 'Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts' by Professors Morgan and Zimmer,
and The Report of the FCDA Europe.

If Mr Betts and his lobby went to the trouble of reading the evidence they may learn something.

Clearly the 'Keep cannabis illegal" lobby have no argument at all, for even if cannabis did cause problems, the present legal system is causing even more.

It is the very illegality of cannabis which has thrown the supplies and untaxed profits into the hands of criminally organised gangs who act as the real 'gateway' to lead people from one substance to another.

Alun Buffry




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