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Pro-Cannabis Group Wants A Place To Talk

Horley Life, Surrey

Friday 20 Feb 2004


The Horley branch of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance is considering opening a
cafe. The first step will be to hold a series of meetings to debate the pros
and cons of smoking the drug.

Branch Member Winston Matthews, 47 of Court Lodge Road, Horley said his is also
considering standing as a candidate at the next general election. He said
mainstream society generally held a dim view of cannabis users but compared
with alcohol drinkers are much more peaceful.

Mr Matthews had wanted to stand at this year's local elections but is
prohibited because he is serving a one-year suspended sentence for possession
with intent to supply. He is a member of the friends of Worthing Koffee Shops
and was given his sentence the same day as friend and owner Chris Baldwin
was jailed for
possession of the drug.

As for his General Election plans, Mr Matthews said "I know it'll probably not
win but it will take votes away from other candidates and they don't like

Mr Matthews said there were no plans to open the cafe until his sentence has
finished next January. He said "Eventually the aim is to open a cafe and hold
a meeting centre in Redhill for people from Horley and surrounding area."

He made it clear smoking would not take place on the premises and warning signs
banning the use of the drug would be posted in the cafe.

Mr Matthews started smoking cannabis at 21 but now uses it to relieve pain in a
broken vertebra in his back.




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