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Letter: What do the candidates think? Norwich North by-election

Alun Buffry

Evening News, Norwich

Monday 06 Jul 2009

In the absence of a Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) candidate in the forthcoming Parliamentary by-election in Norwich North, I would like to know the views of candidates on the issues surrounding cannabis.

Our recently resigned MP, Dr Ian Gibson, favoured the legalisation of cannabis, unlike the Labour Party.

I have learnt that most Political Parties allow their candidates to have their own opinions on this issue.

Dr Gibson won his seat in 1997. Howard Marks also stood in that election as an Independent on a legalise cannabis ticket and gained over 500 votes - about 1.5%. Since then, LCA candidates gained 3% to 5% in elections in Norwich North's City Council wards.

Government estimates suggest that up to 10% of adults use cannabis with many more having tried it - all classed as "criminals" by the law, even though few may have harmed anybody. 10% of the voters in Norwich North is a lot of people!

Cannabis is about health and medicine, education, fuel, pollution and
the environment, industry, taxation, law, Justice and Human Rights, employment and trade.

Clearly, cannabis is an issue that DOES concern many people, one way or another, yet election candidates seem to remain silent unless pushed.

Do they support legalisation of cannabis?

Alun Buffry




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