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UK: We are all on drugs of some sort

Surrey Mirror

Thursday 05 Nov 2009

This week after the forced resignation of chairman of the Gov ACMD, Surrey's drinking habits are in the spotlight.

Professor David Nutt claimed alcohol and tobacco were more harmful than illegal drugs like cannabis, ecstasy, and LSD.

And this week Professor John Beddington, the country's top science adviser said the evidence was absolutely clear cut - but stopped short of criticising the removal of Prof Nutt.

Campaigners claim cannabis is far less dangerous than alcohol, which is legal while cannabis is class B drug, But others assert there is clear medical evidence against the recreational use of cannabis.

We spoke to East Surrey MP Peter Ainsworth and Surrey's Legalise Cannabis Alliance spokesman Winston Matthews to hear both points of view.

ALCOHOL, Caffeine and even chocolate are all potentially addictive or dangerous substances, according to a campaigner for the legalisation of Cannabis.

Winston Matthews , 53 of Upfield Close Horley, is the Surrey spokesman for the LCA.

And he believes if you could only legalise either alcohol or cannabis, cannabis is the safer choice.
He said : Tobacco alcohol and caffeine are all more addictive , let alone sugar and salt.

'We are a drug culture. To single cannabis out is unfair and unjustified.
'And I refuse to believe that if cannabis were to be legalised , hordes of people would go our to try it simply because thouy would no longer be arrested for smoking it.

Prohibition didn't work in America. It wont work here.

East Surrey MP Peter Ainsworth
believes a firm stance should be taken against drugs and that the scientific evidence against cannabis is unequivocal.

He is firmly of the view that cannabis is quite rightly criminalised, and that use of the illegal drug could be harmful and destructive.

He told the Mirror: It is essential for our health of our young people in particular that politicians should stop posturing on the question of drug abuse and listen and respond to the scientific evidence.

The present uncertainty over the classification of cannabis is bad news all round, unless you are a criminal supplier.

Mr Ainsworth said he wound not support the decriminalisation of cannabis.




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