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Letter: Draconian penalties

Don Barnard

Essex Chronicle

Friday 26 Mar 2010

There is so much about cannabis politicians either do not know or do not want us to know.

Politicians in the main are ignorant about cannabis and because of this ignorance they have lost respect in all section of the community especially in the eyes of the youth.

They say we do not trust politicians; we do not like their standards. We do not think much of them.

At present the laws in respect to the illicit; supply, cultivation (production) and the possession of cannabis is concerned are both counter-productive and monstrously unfair.

There seems to be every reason to believe that the current cannabis policy, as a direct descendant of their historical precursors, are motivated more by political considerations and vested self interest, than by any public health consequences.

Bureaucratic manoeuvring, self-interests, international pressures, public health concerns and panic reaction are often base on Hype, Spin and Baloney.

The unlicensed, production (cultivation), supply and the social and medical use of cannabis are subject to monstrously disproportionate punishments.

Despite the draconian punishments for cannabis offences and the governments orchestrated disinformation campaign exaggerates the dangers of cannabis; the laws controlling illicit use of the cannabis plant and/or synthetic cannabis (THC) are not achieving the objectives envisaged by politicians who pioneered the Misuse of Drugs Bill through parliament in 1970/71

I rest my case on what I regard as indisputable propositions.

After all the debate which has been going on for over a hundred years, there is still no general consensus of "responsible opinion" as to whether cannabis is harmful, to what degree it is harmful, in what circumstances it is harmful, whether it has any short-term effects, or whether any long-term effects.

Whether we like it or not, there is a substantial body of opinion -particularly among the younger generation. Although it is not confined to them—which is not persuaded that cannabis is harmful as some would have us believe, or that the taking and using of it carries with it any moral taint or any moral guilt.

That is one of the facts of life, whether we like it or not.

There is no evidence that this activity is causing violent crime or aggressive anti-social behaviour, or is producing in otherwise normal people conditions of dependence or psychosis, requiring medical treatment.

There are few experiences where the participants themselves know so much about what they're doing, generation have being persecuted for a peaceful and, pleasurable pastime which has taught people to be more aware and bonded communities around the country into a camaraderie that few share in our impersonal world today.

Feathers ruffled -- I look forward to the opinions from the candidates and your readers on this complex subject!

Kind regards
Don Barnard
Legalise Cannabis Alliance




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