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UK: Life's a drag: Cannabis cafe plans for Northern Quarter go up in smoke as police stub out venture (Colin Davies)

Kenny Lomas

Mancunian Matters

Tuesday 21 Jan 2014

Plans to open a cannabis café in the Northern Quarter have been quashed after crunch talks between the owner and Greater Manchester Police today.

Cannabis campaigner Colin Davies, 56, planned to open the New Way Cafe ‘cannabis club' on Tib Street in the Northern Quarter this month, but it seems his hopes have now been dashed.

Mr Davies, who spent three years in prison for importing and supplying drugs in 2001, met with representatives of Greater Manchester Police this morning hoping that an agreement could be made.

Colin told MM: “We’re having to put the café on a backburner and come to a mutual agreement with the authorities.

“I can understand the police’s situation, but the café won’t open. It will no longer be opening, at the moment.”

Colin is frustrated by the setback but said he understands the police’s reasoning behind their current position.

“At a time when the police are facing tremendous cuts in the budgets and losing offices, they felt the café would put a strain on the resources of the GMP,” he said.

“What they’re looking at, they don’t want to bring more law-breaking into the Northern Quarter.”

While the café is on hold for now, Colin is determined to not let it stop here and he plans to take the issue up with the city’s councillors.

“I think we need to go to a higher level with this with Manchester City Council. There’s not much more I can do now,” he told MM.

“Manchester Council and its leaders should look at Colorado America, how they produce and sell it [cannabis], and tax it.

“System regulated is the safest, most cost effective way forward it’s up to our leaders to lead us on this, and help us.




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