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UK: Medical Cannabis Meeting with Home Office Minister Norman Baker.

Clark French

Friday 06 Jun 2014

Today (6/6/2014) Keiron Reeves, Haskel Adamson and I went to Visit Home office Minister Norman Baker following our interview on BBC Radio Sussex where Norman was invited to comment on our medical cannabis cases.

Keiron is an epilepsy patient and find’s that cannabis has stopped him having seizures, Keiron and i were both very keen to tell Norman how much cannabis helps us. Norman seemed quite taken back by them and has expressed interest in meeting more patients with serious conditions.

Norman Baker MP

He explained how a report is due soon which is looking at other countries and how they handle drug problems – i was were pleased to hear this but reminded Norman that we need help now and that medical cannabis patients face possibly being criminalisd at every turn and how much this has an effect on my stress levels.

Norman has agreed that we will continue dialogue, he seemed very keen to gather more evidence before approaching any changes but agreed that policy should be based on scientific evidence. He was very interested to find out that Sativex is full herbal cannabis extract and says he will be investigating the issue further, we took a copy of “Understanding Medical Cannabis by Steephill / Halent labs and Elemental wellness which Norman has asked for a copy of. It is a great feeling to get this scientific evidence seen and i hope it will educate not just Norman but many others at the home office too.

Overall Norman seemed sympathetic to our cause and the meeting was very productive, we have more plans involving which will be revealed in a few weeks time once they are confirmed.

Not a bad Friday, many positive things are happening at the moment and more are set to follow this year. Massive thanks to Haskel for organising the meeting with Norman in his constituency office in Lewes.

Clark French.




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