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UK: Protester brings six-foot cannabis plant to Piccadilly Gardens in bid to get drug legalised (Colin Davies)

Alex Hibbert

Manchester Evening News

Monday 21 Sep 2015

Demonstrator Colin Davies ripped open a mock paper 'joint' to reveal the gigantic weed plant after bringing it along to the demonstration.

A cannabis campaigner displayed a six foot cannabis plant in Piccadilly Gardens in a bid to get the drug legalised for medicinal use.

Hundreds of people gathered in the gardens as protesters openly smoked the drug and spoke about its effects to the public on Saturday afternoon.

During the action one of the organisers, Colin Davies, ripped open a huge mock paper ‘joint’ to reveal the gigantic marijuana plant.

After hosting a number of talks about cannabis and the law surrounding the drug, Colin then gave the people gathered ‘samples’ of his plant, which he said didn’t contain any buds - the part users smoke to get high.

Colin, from Romiley, Stockport, said: “Cannabis is effective at treating a wide range of illnesses. We were there to highlight this issue and talk about how we would like to see a change in the law. I smoke cannabis every day for medical reasons and it helps.

“It has therapeutic value and making it available would bring great relief to those who need it most. We need to put an end to a stupid law.

“At the end of the day I asked who would like some of the plant I bought along and it was gone in ten minutes.”

Possession and supply of cannabis remain against the law despite long-standing campaigns to legalise the drug.

Colin, 57, is a high-profile campaigner against the current law. In 2000 he claimed to have handed a bunch of flowers containing marijuana to the Queen when she visited Manchester with the Duke of Edinburgh.

And last year he gave up on plans to open a ‘cannabis social club’ on Tariff Street in the Northern Quarter after meeting with police.

But Colin said he would not be deterred in his quest to get laws concerning the drug changed.

He said: “We had great fun on Saturday and there were police in the area who took no action. Legalisation of weed for medicinal use could bring millions into the economy like it has in America.

“Regulation would also make cannabis safer, as it would be grown in strict conditions with no contamination or dangerous chemicals. And with proper retail outlets and strict age limits people will be safer and have a choice in their use of cannabis.

“We are already proposing another day of action on Market Street this Saturday.”

A spokesman for GMP’s city centre division confirmed they had been aware of the action but said officers on the ground had decided no further action was necessary.




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