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UK: Hot meals served to Northampton's homeless on Christmas Day by cannabis club

Nick Bieber

Northants Herald Post

Monday 28 Dec 2015

A cannabis club celebrated the true meaning of Christmas on the big day when it served up a free barbecue to homeless people in Northampton town centre.

Volunteers from the Northants Cannabis Social Club, which campaigns for the legalisation of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use, gathered on the Market Square on December 25 to serve up hot meals to over 50 homeless people.

The menu included burgers, hot dogs, chicken and lamb, as well as teas, coffees, cold drinks and mince pies - all of which were donated by members of the club, the local public and local businesses.

So much food was donated for the event - which ran from noon until 5.30pm on the day - that the club has decided to hold similar events in the near future.

James Rogers, who runs the group, told the Northants Herald and Post: "It was a pleasure to give up our time to hel

"It felt like it did any normal day of the week when we do it.

"The people that came seemed to really enjoy themselves as they all thanked us for what we were doing.

"They would normally have been spread about the town, but because of this event, they were undercover and had food, company and music."

The barbecue idea was part of the club's Winter Care Project, which aims to keep homeless people in the town warm every winter with hot food and drinks and clothing.

And just last month, the club brought an American craze to town - which went down a big hit with the local public.

That idea was hanging up 20 scarves on trees and lampposts along Abington Street for homeless people, all of which had tags on them reading: "This scarf is not lost. If you are cold and need to keep warm, it is for you." And on the other side of the label read: "A gift from Northamptonshire Cannabis Social Club."

Explaining the reason for the scarves idea, James , 38, told the Northants Herald and Post last month: "We do this to help people who are cold and have nothing.

"It's about being a decent human being and being the change you want to see in society.

"If we wait for the council or government to do something, it's never going to happen. All of our community work is done for free."




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