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A Golden opportunity for Swaziland

Deon Wood

Swazi Observer

Sunday 17 Jan 2016

There is now tons of new scientific evidence, indisputable legal facts, and global governmental enlightenment on Cannabis (Dagga), and its international multi-billion dollar industry development potential.

The veil of corruption and propaganda against Cannabis (for over a decade) has fallen, and finally the true facts, and the true potential of this magnificent plant species is finally being embraced by the international community. More than 15 countries worldwide are in process of, or have already legalised medicinal Cannabis, industrial Hemp or recreational Marijuana.

It has now been scientifically proven that our God given gift - Cannabis is in fact the most productive, useful and beneficial plant species in the world, and it`s magic is now touching millions of people’s lives, for medication, for industry, for recreational value and for wealth creation. It is now indisputable with modern scientific evidence supporting it that Cannabis, when used wisely and respectfully, is perfectly healthy for human functionality and well being, and it is extremely valuable for industry development.

Medical Cannabis has now been proven, with over a hundred legitimate scientific studies, to be an effective remedy to more than 700 medical conditions and is now been internationally qualified as the ultimate the cure for cancer.

Industrial Hemp, has been proven to have more than a thousand industrial uses including plastic, paper, bio fuels, clothes, shoes, ropes, cars, house and building construction material and many more.

Recreational Marijuana, as we know, is a mega million dollar tourist industry builder, all by itself.

The basic changes in perspective are:

n Cannabis, like all of nature, can have a destructive side to it, if abused or disrespected, but we cannot go on debilitating the infinite industrial and health benefits, and the multi billion dollar economical development potential that this plant offers us because there will be those who choose to misuse Cannabis. Education must serve it`s purpose, and community development initiatives can alleviate the abuse concerns with awareness and constructive change in social welfare development.

n Prohibition of Cannabis has failed in many respects, but especially in it`s billion dollar costs in annual financial losses and domestic resources in Swaziland

n Nature is not a crime, and we are not criminals to use nature for our advantage.

n Humans have the natural right to use all of nature, wisely, for our advantage.

n Nature has the right to thrive, grow and produce.

n Cannabis can no longer be classified as a schedule 1 drug, and therefore, by law, cannot be illegal. Cannabis, as medication, can treat and remedy over 700 medical conditions, and is currently the No.1 defender against cancer in the world.

n Industrial Hemp can produce more than a 1,000 industrial products and is a multi national industry developer by itself.

n Recreational Cannabis is a billion-dollar industry in tourism building, and for recreational stimulation, It is a far healthier, cheaper and better alternative to alcohol, smoking or any other recreational stimulant. People have the natural right to consume nature for health and growth benefits.

n The current global Cannabis industry investment potential, in development and in sales, is currently proving to be a mega-billion-dollar per annum economical booster, in taxes and in regulatory charges. Cannabis is now been determined, by many economists, as the No. 1 investment for the next decade.

Swaziland, it is now in our intelligence and our responsibility, to review this new information on Cannabis and the international industry development, and to reform our perspective, and to reform our laws.

Given the powerful positive implications, the infinite benefits and the mega economical growth potential of this opportunity for the whole country, wisdom would surely advise us that every measure should now be taken to make this the highest priority on the agenda of national development.

Swaziland now has a magnificent opportunity, and must imitate first world developments in taking a courageous step forward towards fully empowering effective national development, and long term functional economical growth.

Indisputably, Swaziland has one of the largest and most famous underground Cannabis industries in the world. Cannabis is in fact the country’s most vital resource.

Opening the flood gates for full legalisation of the three giant multi-billion dollar Cannabis industries; medicinal Cannabis, industrial Hemp and recreational Marijuana would transform the country’s welfare and development at a magnitude unimaginable.

Education, especially self education, is the first step toward empowerment and development, individually and nationally.

What is Cannabis (Dagga)?

Cannabis has accompanied humankind since the dawn of civilisation. Some historians believe that marijuana was one of the first crops to be cultivated by humans at least as early as 6 000 years ago while others speculate that it could go back as far as 12 000 years.

This highly versatile plant not only has the ability to provide health benefits when consumed, the male plant, ‘Hemp’ has thousands of industrial applications including fuel, housing and even food. In fact, some estimation regarding the uses of hemp speculates that over 50 000 products can be made from this plant.

It has only been roughly 80 years since cannabis was first restricted by the United States Federal Government. It’s a common misconception that cannabis was made ‘illegal’ in 1937. The truth of the matter is that it wasn’t truly illegal until the 1970s under the guise of the Drug War.

In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act was passed, meaning that you could ‘legally sell marijuana/hemp’ as long as you obtained a tax stamp. By not having this ‘stamp’ was the actual violation of the law, not cannabis by itself.

It is important to understand this distinction because prior to 1937, marijuana was a staple part of society as a whole. People relied on cannabis for medicine, hemp stalks and other industrial applications. In some states you could even pay taxes with Hemp.

People understood that the plant was beneficial not only to their health, but also to the construction of a new nation. In fact, hemp was a crucial aspect in relation to the development of this country.

While marijuana is ‘just a plant’, the social implications, medicinal and industrial applications make it much more valuable than virtually any other cash crop out there. It is one of the primary reasons why it is currently so demonised by industrialists and governments.

The difference between Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana and Dagga?

n Basically it is all the same plant species - Cannabis, accept:

n Dagga is the African name for Cannabis.

n Marijuana is the Spanish name given to Cannabis.

n Hemp is the industrial name given to Cannabis (basically Cannabis with very low THC drug content).

We generally refer to two prime names:

n Marijuana (Dagga) - recreational and medicinal, and Hemp - industrial.

The 3 prime Cannabis industries are universally known as:

n Medicinal Cannabis

n Industrial Hemp

n Recreational Marijuana

These Cannabis industries are currently proving all to be multi-billion dollar industries, which would further give rise to at least another 20 secondary industries.

Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis for medical use has now already been scientifically proven to treat more than 700 medical conditions, and is now qualifying, through millions of patients personal testimonies, with thousands of doctors documented treatment conclusions, as `the cure for cancer`.

Studies are still being conducted all over the world by thousands of scientific pioneers, who are continuing to deliver astounding new facts about Cannabis, its wonder, and its incredible health attributes and curing properties for humans and animals.

One of the major pillars supporting law reform worldwide right now on Cannabis, is that now Cannabis can no longer be classified as a schedule 1 drug, and therefore should be legalised and regulated for general public use without prescription. Cannabis, especially for medical purpose, has been a part of the world’s health and spiritual practices for more than 10,000 years, prior to being unjustly banned by ignorant industrialists and governments, and has always been a valuable part of almost every culture for medical, recreational stimulation, for spiritual empowerment and for general wellbeing.

The new medicinal Cannabis industry, right now, is exploding all over the world, with more than 15 countries, including America, Mexico, Canada, Uruguay, Israel, Australia, North Korea, Jamaica, Switzerland and Iran having already legalised in part, finally Cannabis, and it`s most valuable attributes for global health can no longer be refuted, ignored or denied.

The greatest advantage parallel to this magnificent change in world medical perspectives is that the medicinal Cannabis industry is also proving to be a major multi-billion dollar economical booster, with unstoppable potential for personal, industrial and national wealth creation and sustainable development.

Recreational Marijuana

Recreational Marijuana or Dagga is now been proven to be an entirely harmless substance, short and long term. However, misuse or abuse of any substance can prove to be harmful.

Millions of people all over the world have for centuries used Marijuana for recreational purposes and the pleasure and health benefits, when used wisely, are immeasurable.

There are many methods of intake from smoking, vaporizing, eating and drinking in oil form or other liquids.

Recreational Marijuana has always in legalised Cannabis country like Holland, has provan to be a mega-billion dollar industry which lures millions of international tourists round the world.

Current USA Cannabis legalised states are reflecting through the roof tax revenues on Marijuana recreational sales and are proving indisputably, that, the millions of new tourists flocking in for a smoke and investment opportunity ad/ventures is only exploding the economy to overflow in revenues right across the board. The recreational industry is a magnificent attractor of new clients and investors, and if Marijuana was legalised in Swaziland there would be a guaranteed million head count rise in tourism throughout the country, all year round.

A proposed developing initiative in Swaziland

A GOLDEN FUTURE for Swaziland

n This Cannabis awareness initiative is to create the understanding for Swazis and others alike on the infinite values of the legalization of Marijuana, Hemp or/and Cannabis in Swaziland.

n It serves to also encourage all alike to focus sharply on the phenomenal industrial potential for Swaziland and for its people’s growth in relation to legalising the Swazi-GOLD.

n The 1 000’s of benefits that could be grown naturally in Swaziland are indisputably revolutionary and ripe for the modernising season. To go on preventing and debilitating this development and enrichment of a country, its resources and all its people is simply unwise.

n Millions of people globally are already profiting enormously, naturally, industrially and financially.

n It is not so much a matter of if it will be legalised, but rather, when it will be legalised.

n This magnificent gravy train is already on track, and the sooner were all on it, the better for us all.

n I wish Swaziland and all its people the love, the courage and the wisdom to make this happen now. To realise the country’s infinite potential in this regard, and so that all her dreams would be realised, in creating a GOLDEN FUTURE for Swaziland.

Swaziland is totally in the dark when it comes to Cannabis

Right now most of Swazis have very little education on the truth and facts about dagga. Almost every person has been lead to believe in false truths and totally misguided information. This is mainly the result of America’s, and dominating industrialists, deliberate propaganda and corruption of dagga and its potential in industry.

The four misguided views Swazis have about Dagga are:

1. Dagga makes you mad when used.

2. Dagga is an evil drug and we must protect our youth from it’s destructive influence.

3. If dagga would be legalised it would lose at least half its value.

4. Dagga is a crime that gives rise to crime and should be stamped out at every angle.

This represents the general spectrum of Swazi education on dagga. This is why a new modern educating platform is so vital for Swaziland. Not only to protect the youth and general public against harmful misuse and abuse of dagga, but also for all to embrace the reality of Cannabis, and it`s infinite health and wealth creation potential in Swaziland.

It’s time to learn about the true facts of dagga and it’s infinite benefits to humanity. Swaziland, it’s time to face the truth.

Ignorance is the enemy not the plant

n Swaziland’s education and law reform regarding the Cannabis industry development cannot be denied because some ignorant people will abuse the plant, or because ignorant governments will abuse the natural rights of people.

n By all measures, we must not allow ignorance to deny and prevent this monumental health, wealth and development creation opportunity. Africa, indisputably, can be transformed in all sectors of development. Millions of lives can be upgraded for the betterment of all. Forever, by the full legalisation of the Cannabis industry.

Prohibition can no longer be sustained

n Cannabis prohibition has proven incredibly lucrative for a few corporate giants, but scientific research supporting the incredible medicinal properties of cannabis can no longer be denied.

n Maintaining cannabis as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance (meaning it has zero recognised medical application) can no longer be defended.

n Decriminalisation and legalisation is coming; that is why corporate giants are jockeying for position to profit from the inevitable relaxing of cannabis prohibition. Their mantra is “tax and regulate,” keeping the bulk of massive profits from this incredible plant in the hands of a corporate few. Yet. millions of people continue to be arrested, fined and incarcerated for possessing this therapeutic substance revered by our ancestors, a tragic human toll.

Conclusion: the senseless war against this plant was born of commerce and greed. It will remain an endless war, unless we put an end to Cannabis prohibition. The first step is functional perspective changing and truthful education on Cannabis and it`s industries.

It is imperative at this stage that all Swazis become enlightened on the real and true facts of dagga and the multi-billion dollar industry potential for Swaziland. While the people and the government remain misinformed and ignorant to these truths and facts dagga will never be legalised in Swaziland.

Right now we have totally misguided views, erroneous taboos and dysfunctional laws. Unless Swaziland opens its mind to the new global information on dagga ,and investigates fully the possibility for an integrating system for legalisation, prohibition will remain in place.

It is each and everyone’s responsibility now to educate themselves and others, in order to bring about this monumental transformation for Swaziland and all her people.




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