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UK Scotland: Cannabis campaigners hold celebration at Glasgow Green

Stacey Mullen

Glasgow Evening Times

Thursday 21 Apr 2016

SUPPORTERS of a movement to legalise cannabis congregated at a Glasgow park yesterday for a celebration event.

The annual 420 Hempstock event took place in the city’s Glasgow Green and attracted people from all over the country.

Keynote speakers such as Solidarity party leader Tommy Sheridan and ex-cop Jim Duffy took to the stage at the event which ran for several hours.

Chris Mackenzie, above, founded the Glasgow Cannabis Social Club in 2012 and organised the event on Facebook.

The 27-year-old, from Glasgow, explained the club held their first event in Kelvingrove Park in the city’s West End in 2012, and since then it has grown each year.

He said: “This event has grown from a small group of 50 people to getting larger and larger each year.

“This is the fifth year running, we have got a great day for it.

“Every other year that we have run it, it has been a complete success

“There has never been any trouble and the community is really great.”

Chris explained he hopes that the event will raise more awareness of the need to legalise the use of the drug.

He said: “It’s not about if cannabis becomes legal, it is when it becomes legal – and what does it look like.

“What we need to do is have a regulated market in place.”

Tommy Sheridan, who is standing in the upcoming Holyrood elections next month and spoke at the event, said: “I have for many years opposed the archaic and harmful drug laws in our country which only serve to drive the consumption of recreational drugs underground and facilitate the building of illegal drug trading empires.

“Prohibition is part of the problem not the solution. Cannabis and all other drugs should be legalised, licensed, regulated and taxed. No drug is harmless.

“Many have both medicinal and addictive properties but to continue with stupid prohibit ion laws is both costly and counter-productive.

“I was slated by the media 16 years ago for saying it in Parliament but I repeat the same message today – legalise cannabis now and treat drug misuse as a social and medical problem not a criminal problem.

“We have to face up to reality on this question and ignore the moral police brigade who epitomise hypocrisy on this issue.”

Linda Hendry, from Edinburgh, attended the event as a member of the Legalise Cannabis Campaign Scotland.

The 66-year-old said: “I have campaigned since 1979 to have it legalised.

“It’s better than alcohol. It doesn’t give you a hangover and I just think it is more natural.

“If alcohol is going to be legal then cannabis should be legal.”

Glasgow City Council advised that the event was unauthorised and a matter for police.

A police spokeswoman said that they were aware of the event, and said it would be “policed appropriately”.




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