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Denmark: Most Danes want to legalise weed: The public says 'yes', but the government says 'no'

Copenhagen Post

Monday 27 Jun 2016

A new Gallup poll reveals that a majority of Danes back the legalisation of cannabis.

The poll asked 1,102 respondents if the govenment should allow people to smoke or enjoy cannabis, and 45 percent agreed it should be legal, while 41 percent wanted it to remain illegal. Some 14 percent were undecided.

When asked about medical cannabis, 88 percent agreed it should be available to cancer patients and people suffering from chronic pain.

Furthermore, 45 percent agreed the government should be in charge of the sale and distribution of cannabis.

Minister: No chance

Despite these findings, the government rejects any talk of legalisation.

“I’m not in favour of legalising cannabis, and these Gallup findings will not change my position,” the health minister, Sophie Løhde, told Berlingske.

“It’s possible some things would become easier if we just let go, but I’m concerned that legalising cannabis would lead to more abuse. I’m especially concerned for the young.”

However, the health minister said the government is currently working with other parties to allow medical cannabis for some patients.

“These people are ill, and we do want to help them,” she said.

Denmark’s latest legalisation debate was sparked after police last week carried out a large-scale raid on Pusher Street in the freetown of Christiania, although the drug dealers quickly took back control of the area.




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