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UK: Cannabis smokers to gather in Exeter park this weekend for picnic pot protest

Exeter Express and Echo

Friday 26 Aug 2016

Devon cannabis supporters will gather in a park in Exeter at the weekend to hold a picnic protesting against current UK drug policy.

For the past three years the Devon Cannabis Club has held yearly "protest picnics" at Flowerpots Playing Fields in Exeter.

On Saturday, August 27, the club will once again be protesting against UK drug policy by gathering to exchange ideas with fellow activists.

Enthusiasts will be able to engage with and educate the public on the failures of cannabis policy, the need for reform, and the work of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs.

Unlike in previous years, this year people will have the chance to become a full member of the club for a small fee.

Any money raised will go towards equipment for future events, promotional materials, and eventually the hiring of venues for members-only club meetings and events.

Deej Sullivan, press officer for Devon Cannabis Club, said: "All of our events so far have been highly successful, and we hope that this one will be no different.

"Devon and Cornwall Police are aware that the event is taking place, and will I'm sure continue their excellent relationship with us as organisers. No arrests were made at any previous event and we do not anticipate any being made this time.

"We are looking forward to seeing more people than ever coming along to get involved and find out a little more about us and what the club stands for."




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