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UK: Brighton: Hundreds came to support Green Pride

Hsin-Yi Lo

The Argus

Saturday 21 Jul 2018

The aroma of cannabis hung over at Preston Park on Saturday (July 21) as hundreds gathered for Green Pride to protest against the existing UK legislation that criminalises the class B drug.

CBD shop owners, and people of different ages and all walks of life gathered at the event to show their support for decriminalising cannabis, arguing it is an effective medicinal product.

Rob Davidson, 24, chairman of Brighton Cannabis Club and Green Pride event organiser, said: “This protest was inspired by the Seattle Hemp Fest and Vancouver 420. Cannabis has become decriminalised and legalised in these cities over the last five years, in part due to the efforts of the organisers of this protest.

“Events like this were fundamental in raising awareness about prohibition’s harms and in bringing the budding cannabis community and culture out of hiding.

“Green Pride also aims to make a difference in the UK and open up the debate around changing cannabis laws. It started in 2014 with a small number of protesters, about 100 and has grown hugely since then.

“Last year, we had 25 stalls and more than 3,500 people in attendance. Green Pride 2018 will be our biggest yet, with twice the number of stalls and people expected to have attended by the end of the day. This year we are also sponsored by businesses such as CBD Brothers, Quintessential and Seedsman.”

People came from different parts of the country to support Green Pride.

Liam Crute, 28, from Portsmouth, said: “I use cannabis for my illness and it has been very beneficial. When I used prescribed medication, I experienced a lot of side-effects like drowsiness. I felt like a zombie.

“It affects my sleeping patterns. I would fall asleep at 11am and wake up at 5pm. At the end of the day, too many chemicals aren’t good for you. At least cannabis is natural and I feel more relaxed. There’s no side-effects.”

Nyle Tasker-Jones, 24, from Birmingham, has about seven years to live according to doctors. To get by, he and his twin brother use cannabis to ease their condition.

He said: “My dad has to buy the drug for us. Every time he does it, he is breaking the law but it shouldn’t be this way, dad is just trying to help us.

“Because it is illegal in the UK, people have to buy them on the black market but you don’t even know the quality you are getting.

“With the support of Underworld TV, we have made an online documentary which details the everyday struggles my brother and I have. We want to raise awareness and let people see the benefits of cannabis.

“We are also doing a crowdfunding to raise £8,000 to travel to the US and meet with medical experts and talk about how we can improve the use of cannabis for patients with a lifelong illness.”

As well as those promoting the medical benefits of the drug, there were many in the park who were openly smoking joints, from teenagers to people in their sixties.

There was a police presence at the event, but it was clear that officers were taking a low-key approach and during the time The Argus was at the event in the early afternoon, there was a very relaxed and convivial atmosphere and no sign of anyone being arrested.




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